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Trial Tuesdays

Every Tuesday we feature a new person with amputation trialing the Kinnex 2.0!  Check back each week for a new trial video.

Would you like to schedule a trial of your own?  Contact your Prosthetist!

Jennifer- Waxahachie, TX

Jennifer is a person with bilateral transtibial amputation from 3 years ago.  Watch as she navigates many different terrains and obstacles with the Kinnex 2.0, and hear how her experience is different than her fixed ankle feet!

Molly runs the A.C.T.I.O.N support group for people with amputations, and says she feels like she has ankles again after 13 years while trialing Kinnex 2.0! See how well she can go across many different terrains!

Molly- Troy, OH

Mike- Plano, TX

Watch Mike, a person with unilateral transtibial amputation, try out different terrains, including a steep hill (forwards and backwards!) with the Kinnex 2.0!

Dave- Philadelphia, PA

Dave in Philadelphia, PA talks about how Kinnex 2.0 increases his socket comfort while walking on steep terrain!

Zachery- Houston, TX

Zachery is a person with bilateral transtibial amputation working as a patient advocate for New Life Brace and Limb in Houston, TX.  Watch Zachery smile as he tries out stairs, inclines and declines, and grassy hills in Kinnex 2.0!

Watch Derrick on his trike and how the Kinnex helps him ride with less need to compensate and decreased socket pressures!  Also see Derrick and his hard-working service dog Goose navigate hills easier with the Kinnex 2.0!

Derrick- Dallas, TX

Connie- Austin, TX

Watch Connie's joy as she discovers the increased range of motion with Kinnex, and how easy and comfortable it is to use while walking and sitting!

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