Trial Tuesdays

Every Tuesday we feature a new person with amputation trialing the Kinnex 2.0!  Check back each week for a new trial video.

Would you like to schedule a trial of your own?  Contact your Prosthetist!

Jennifer- Waxahachie, TX

Jennifer is a person with bilateral transtibial amputation from 3 years ago.  Watch as she navigates many different terrains and obstacles with the Kinnex 2.0, and hear how her experience is different than her fixed ankle feet!

Mike- Plano, TX

Watch Mike, a person with unilateral transtibial amputation, try out different terrains, including a steep hill (forwards and backwards!) with the Kinnex 2.0!

Zachery- Houston, TX

Zachery is a person with bilateral transtibial amputation working as a patient advocate for New Life Brace and Limb in Houston, TX.  Watch Zachery smile as he tries out stairs, inclines and declines, and grassy hills in Kinnex 2.0!

Connie- Austin, TX

Watch Connie's joy as she discovers the increased range of motion with Kinnex, and how easy and comfortable it is to use while walking and sitting!