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Designed for Real Life.

designed for real life check mark_large.

Seamlessly adjust to changes in ground slope within the first step.


Confidently brave the elements with an IP67 certified ankle.


Comfortably match heel heights with virtually any shoe for work or play (via App).

Kinnex MPC Ankle, Left Profile View, 201

Optimize energy storage and energy return with a bolt
free full carbon fiber foot plate.

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Sophisticated microprocessor
controlled resistance that helps optimize stability whenever changes in terrain or cadence occurs.

NEW Manual Lock
Now conveniently located inside the app or via the ankle key pad.

NEW Low Battery Feature
Provides new enhanced notifications and improved comfort.

NEW Alignment Setup Feature
Ankle automatically locks in a neutral position during setup for alignment needs.

User and Prosthetist App
Streamlined set up, monitoring, customization and cadence reporting are a touch away with the Clinician and Patient Apps.

Water Ingress Certified
IP67 tested for occasional submersion in water

Optimal Stability
Split keel & heel increase ground compliance and improve stability.

Smooth Rollover
A full length sole plate without bolts ensures seamless stance phase roll-over for superior comfort.

30° of Ankle Articulation
20° plantar flexion / 10° dorsi flexion allows the ankle and foot to be ideally positioned in relation to the ground.

From sandals to
barefoot in comfort

Kinnex accommodates
heel heights from 0-2” and allows user to program up to 100 shoes.

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